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Our reputation

Since 2010, the Blagoda Company has provided services to more than 100 companies from different fields of business. We work both with national companies, and with small businesses. In addition to the accumulated experience of interaction, immersion in the specifics of industries, we receive thank-you notes.

We express our gratitude to the whole team of the Blagoda Company LLC for high-quality joint work.

During the period of our cooperation, your company has proven itself to be a reliable experienced and friendly partner who understands the customer’s needs and promptly provides quality services.

From the very first days of our cooperation, the employees of your company have clearly understood our requirements, readily responded to the requests during the execution of the work.

The Company’s team stands out due to discipline and precise execution of the given tasks. All works have been provided within the period established by the agreement, taking into account organizational suggestions and industry peculiarities.

Our cooperation helps to reach the new level. It contributes to considerable saving of material and labor costs of our company.

We wish Blagoda LLC grateful partners and look forward to further development of our relations.


Coca-Cola Ukraine Company

Coca-Cola Ukraine


Mareven Food Europe LLC The enterprise with 100% foreign capital engaged in fast food products manufacture which has been dynamically developing in the market of Ukraine and 20 countries of near and far abroad. We express our deep gratitude for the fruitful cooperation.

We are rapidly achieving results, due to the most effective and efficient use of resources, technical and technological innovations, a large professional expertise of specialists and managers, as well as in cooperation with the best service providers.

Since early 2015 Mareven Food Europe LLC has been cooperating with the Blagoda Company LLC in the field of providing outsourcing services. Throughout the period of collaboration, your company has demonstrated its ability to be scrupulous about the given tasks and to solve the emerging issues in a timely and prompt manner.

The provided personnel carry out work in professional and responsible manner and completely satisfy the complex demands of Mareven Food Europe LLC.

I would particularly like to highlight the flexible and client-oriented approach of each employee of Blagoda LLC in solving organizational issues.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation with your company and we will encourage others to use your services so that they know from their own experience about all the benefits of working with a team of professionals.


Mareven Food Europe LLC Company

Mareven Food Europe LLC


AB InBev Efes Ukraine Company expresses its gratitude for the quality work and conscientious attitude of Blagoda LLC’s employees in the fulfillment of the logistics personnel outstaffing contract (forklift operators with natural gas equipment) and cargo handling in the warehouses of finished goods and containers.

Steady dispatches have allowed us to carry out our activities without disruption and to fulfill our sales targets.

We express our confidence in the maintenance of the existing friendly relations and look forward to further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.


SunInBev Ukraine Company

SunInBev Ukraine


Technocom Limited Liability Company has been cooperating with the Blagoda Company since 2012.

When choosing a service provider, we were primarily interested in the quality of the services rendered, the timing of the requests execution, the cost, and the scrupulous exchange of accounting documents.

During our cooperation, we have been repeatedly convinced that we made a right choice.

The expertise and discipline of the employees you provide almost always meet the stated, time sensitive cooperation and professionalism of the staff just confirmed that we chose a company in good standing.

We are grateful to the whole team of the Blagoda Company for a responsible attitude to work and express our willingness to continue our cooperation.


Technocom LLC Company

Technocom LLC